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In this section you will find pleas to the left and offers to the right. If you would like to have anything added, please contact us:

Reinhard Menne, Am Kleeberg 8a, 33178 Borchen


PS: If your plea or offer was matched, please let us know to allow a better organisation!

Bicycle repair station for refugees

The repair station is open Tuesday 14.00 - 16.00 Uhr. Kontakt

PS: We also need helper, volunteers or refugees wanted!

NW - 17.08.15

Emergency encampment Hövelhof-Staumühle

This encampment is under the organisation of the "Malteser". For donations and help offres please call:

 0 52 51 - 13 55 57

Emergency encampement UNI Gym Paderborn

NW vom 23.07.15

This encampment is organised by the "Johanniter". Contact details below.

Phone: 05251-897770  Mail: nukpb.ostwestfalen(at)johanniter(dot)de.

Verschenk- und Gebrauchtbörse des ASP

Verschenk und Gebrauchtbörse,  ein Link, für die Organisation und Koordinierung von Sachspenden echt interessant ist.

Donate miscellaneous tables, bed and 3 chairs

I have got dining table, desks and bedside tables to offer.

Further a Queen-sized bed frame (1.4 m * 2.0 m) and three chairs.


Notebook and printer for free to a refugee


Dining table with 4 chairs for free

Diameter:1.1 m, extendible to 1.6 m.

Sideboard and wall unit

sideboard: size 100x80x50

wall unit: 115x75x33


2 Tower-PCs for free


core2du e6400, 4gb ram, 320gb platte, Nvidea Graphikkarte

best for a refugee-café to give more people access?


complete bed

....for free...


Alder wardrobe, 3 doors

with sideboard and French Bed - for free!


Music tutoring for free in the town music hall

Free music classes:

- with instruments for kids starting at age 6

- early introduction to music for age 4-6

- basic education for age 6-8

For further information:  05251 881609, Andrea Regeler

Private piano lessons for refugee's children


Dolls and accessories, and kid's ski and clothes ...

for free


Little shelfes for free

suitcases, bags and 4 chairs

...for free...



Apples and Peas fresh from the tree

Just come and grab!


Buggy and child's seat for a bike

Bedroom furniture for free


- wardrobe 2,5m width, 2.25 m heigth, 0.7 m depth
- King sized bed (no mattres)


Kid's clothing, pregnancy clothing, bed-linen, towels, buggy and a backpack for school

Youth bed

90 x 200 cm complete!